“We are a consciousness superimposed over all that is, a multi-dimensional being living a human experience. As living works of art, to suppress authentic expression born from true inspiration equals resisting life itself. “

Nathalie Markoch
Musician, Writer & Healing Facilitator

My name is Nathalie Markoch and I’m a Musician, Writer and Healing Facilitator (Grandmaster in Integral Alternative Therapies) based in Lima – Peru.

I am well aware that playing both of these roles don’t match too well in the perspective of most people, so I would like to explain what I do a little bit further for you to know me a little better and to make it easier for you to navigate through my work.


I’m a Musician, specifically a Metal Singer (operatic style, clean vocals & growls), Songwriter & Lyricist, doing live shows in the Peruvian Metal Scene since 2006.

I released my first album “Infuences & Connections Vol. 1” as a Solo Artist in 2014. I’m also the founder, songwriter and vocalist of NMK (Now Mankind Knows), a melodic death metal / progressive metal band. We released our debut album entitled “Ravenous Spectre” in 2018.

Throughout the years, I’ve done various Collaborations as a Songwriter, Lyricist, Recording Artist and Live Guest Singer with various bands like Ancestral Dawn, Mindwalker, No Pain, Pegasus, Psicorragia, etc. Due to the current global situation, I offer my services as a lyricist and conceptualist only. For further info visit Nathalie Markoch Music.

As a Writer, I’m the creator of Perception Shifter, a space where I share personal insights about my experience of the process of evolution of consciousnes in collab with Peruvian artist Valmark.

I’m currently setting up Oblak where I’ll share the original art & poetry of articulated unyielded potential, which is based on the exploration of the true feminine – the unkown, unkowable, unfathomable (probably to be launched sometime this year).


I’ve created Haaraknit, a physical (and now virtual) sacred space where I step into my role as a Healing Facilitator, a Grandmaster in Integral Alternative Therapies to be of service to humanity through an array of sacred healing modalities based on Metaphysics, DNA De-programing/Activation, Regenerative Detoxification, High Alchemy, etc.

These sacred modalities and protocols, in combination with my unique perspective as a natural intuitive, allows me to facilitate the transformational work I achieve with my clients. I target any kind of energetic blockage, which are the root cause of all diseases in the physical body, as well as creating mental, emotional and spiritual distress and density/opposition in one’s environment and relationships with others and with the self.

I work with the physical body, the soul, the two levels of spirit, all etheric bodies, addressing ancient trauma, belief systems, ancestral karma, DNA-tampering, social conditioning, AI technology, parasitic entities, energetic cording, etc. – in this life and/or past lives.

I’m currently offering therapies remotely. Visit Haaraknit for further information.

For more details, click on the desired areas found on the main menu. Take into consideration that this site and all the other ones are undergoing a major renovation, so many sections may not be available right now or are currently being edited or re-design. This is just a template for what’s about to come in my envisioned near future.

The root cause of all symptoms of disease and opposition in one’s environment is found in the energetic blockages at various different levels of the DNA chambers. By dissolving them, the illusions dissolve as well.”

Nathalie Markoch
Musician, Writer & Healing Facilitator