“Our vastness, our multidimensional being, cannot be confined nor defined. We are not only our body, mind and feelings. We are Eternal Living Alchemy, Perpetual Unfolding Works of Art in Oneness.”

Gr. Nathalie Markoch

Grandmaster, Healing Facilitator specialized in Regenerative Detoxification, Mystic & Spiritual Mentor. Musician, Artist & Writer.


As a Musician, I’m a Singer (operatic style, clean vocals & growls), Songwriter, Lyricist & Conceptualist, doing live shows in the Peruvian Metal Scene since 2006. I released my first album as a SOLO ARTIST entitled “Infuences & Connections Vol. 1” in 2013.

Throughout the years, I’ve done various Music Collaborations for various rock/metal bands like Ancestral Dawn, Mindwalker, No Pain, Pegasus, Psicorragia, etc.

I’m the Founder, Vocalist, Songwriter, Lyricist, and Conceptualist of NMK (NOW MANKIND KNOWS), a melodic death / progressive metal band based in Peru, endorsed by AMT Electronics (RUS). NMK released its first single “Lack of Judgment” in 2017 and published its debut album “Ravenous Spectre” in 2018.

As an Author, I’ve created PERCEPTION SHIFTER (2020), a space where I share personal insights about my experiences going through the Evolution of Consciousness. All featured artwork has been made in collaboration Peruvian Artist & Tattooer Valmark.

As an Artist, I’ve just released a project called OBLAK (2020), where I share original Photography & Poetry, based on self-exploration of un-yielded potential. It’s a non-cognitive process to create an ambiance to activate dormant potential within.


In 2016, I decided to create HAARAKNIT, a physical (and now virtual) sacred space where I step into my role as a Grandmaster, Healing Facilitator, Mystic & Spiritual Mentor.

I’m a certified Belvaspata Grandmaster, a Healing Modality brought into physicality by The Seer Almine directly from the Infinite Being. There are more than 15 sub-modalities that I use to be able to facilitate the dissolving of blockages in the Sound Chambers of the DNA (due to trauma, belief systems, indoctrination, social conditioning, ancestral karma, etc.) which are the true origins of any condition or disease in the physical body, and it acts as a catalyst for Higher Consciousness.

I’m also a Healing Facilitator, specializing in Regenerative Detoxification Therapy (Phytotherapy, Alchemical Sonotherapy & Diet Therapy). These invaluable tools assist the patient to detoxify toxicity, move lymph, and to correct glandular weaknesses, supporting the body from the physical.

The modalities and tools are based on my studies in Naturopathy, Mysticism, Metaphysics, High Alchemy, High Shamanism, and other various impeccable and very specific sacred bodies of information. All of this, in combination with my unique perspective, allows me to facilitate the trascendental work I achieve with my patients. More info HERE.