“We are not only our body, mind and feelings. Our vastness, our multidimensional being, cannot be confined. We are eternal living alchemy, perpetual unfolding works of art.”

Gr. Nathalie Markoch
Musician, Artist, Alt. Model, Healing Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor & Mystic.

My name is Nathalie Markoch and I’m a Musician, Artist, Alternative Model, Healing Facilitator specialized in Regenerative Detoxification, Spiritual Mentor and Mystic, based in Lima – Peru.

It’s easy to jump into conclusions when one cannot see behind appearances and I’m well aware that stepping into these (seemingly opposing) roles don’t fit in too well within the perspective of the majority, so I would like to explain a little bit further what my work is about to make it easier for you to navigate through my work and get to know me a little better.


I’m a Musician, specifically a Metal Singer (operatic style, clean vocals & growls), Songwriter, Lyricist & Conceptualist, doing live shows in the Peruvian Metal Scene since 2006.

I released my first album “Infuences & Connections Vol. 1” as a Solo Artist in 2013. I’m also the founder, songwriter and main vocalist of NMK (Now Mankind Knows), a melodic death / progressive metal band. We released our debut album entitled “Ravenous Spectre” in 2018.

Throughout the years, I’ve done various Music Collaborations as a Songwriter, Lyricist, Recording Artist and Live Guest Singer for various bands like Ancestral Dawn, Mindwalker, No Pain, Pegasus, Psicorragia, etc. Due to the current global situation, I offer my services as a lyricist and conceptualist only (until the rest of the equipment arrives here so can manage to do recording sessions at my home studio). For further info visit Nathalie Markoch Music.

As an Author, I’ve created Perception Shifter, a space where I share personal insights about my experiences going to major internal processes of consciousness evolution. All the artwork is made in collaboration with Peruvian artist Valmark (my blood sister). I’m currently in the process of writing my first auto-biographical book (it’s the 1st volume out of a series of 4).

As an Artist, I’ve recently (July 2020) released a project called Oblak, a sacred space where I share original photography & poetry, based on self-exploration of unyielded potential. It’s a non-cognitive process where I access the unknown, unknowable, unfanthomable to create an ambiance to activate dormant potential within. I’m currently working on the pre-production of my first Poetry Book and other products.


In 2016, I decided to create Haaraknit, a physical (and now virtual) sacred space where I step into my role as a Healing Facilitator, Spiritual Mentor and Mystic. Very recently (July 2020), I’ve decided to open this to the public, by launching my website (currently under re-design) and to include not only offering services, but also products targeted to the wellbeing of all walks of life.

The sacred knowledge, modalities, protocols, etc. that I use are based on Regenerative Detoxification, High Alchemy & Metaphysics and other very specific sacred tools that, in combination with my unique perspective as a natural intuitive, allows me to facilitate the transformational, transmutational and transfigurational work I achieve with my clients.

One of the main type of work that I do is to dissolve any kind of energetic blockages, which are the root cause of all diseases in the physical body, as well as creating mental, emotional and spiritual distress and density/opposition in one’s environment and relationships with others and with the self.

The scope of my work is limitless and the modalities I use depend on the current situation (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) my client is at the specific moment of our encounter.

I work with the physical body, the soul, the two levels of spirit, all etheric bodies, the chakra system, the 12 Main Meridians, the 8 Extraordinary Meridians, Alchemical Breathing Techniques, Devi Satva Yoga (4 modalities), addressing and facilitating the dissolving of ancient trauma, obsolete belief systems, ancestral karma, social conditioning, parasitic entities, energetic cordings, etc.

I’m currently offering remote therapies and consultations. Visit Haaraknit for further information.

For more details, click on the desired areas found in the main menu. Please, take into consideration that this site and all the other ones are undergoing a MAJOR RENOVATION. Many sections may not be available right now or are currently going through an editing or re-design process. The websites are, for now, just a template for what I would like to manifest in my reality for the near future and for people who are interested into my work to get a glimpse about what I offer.

The root cause of disease and opposition is found in the energetic blockages in the DNA Sound Chambers. In the physical body, it manifests as lymphatic stagnation, toxicity and glandular weaknesses. To dissolve these energetic blockages changes our perception, which is the key to unlock true healing.”

Gr. Nathalie Markoch
Musician, Artist, Alt. Model, Healing Facilitator
Spiritual Mentor & Mystic